You Did It

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Season Three: Trials
"You Did It"
Season 3 Episode 15 (48th Episode)
Run Time 1:28
Release Date Novmeber 05, 2016
Characters Singer
Music "Ending" from Metal Gear OST
Album Trials Part Two
Category Song
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When I Get Upset, Bad Things Happen A Very Scary Statue

"You Did It" is the 15th episode of Trials, the third season of The Minute Hour. It was released on November 5, 2016 and has a run time of 1:27. This episode is a song about the listener succeeding against all odds.


You Did It Transcript[edit]

{music begins}
You did it.
You didn't think that you could do it
Oh you did it.
Yes you did it.
You did.
are committed
'cause you did it
didn't you?
On one hand gotta hand it to you,
cause others will say, but you will do it.
And we're gonna miss you so much.
{sung very quicly} (and we hope you don't regret it)
{sung very quicly} Because you already did it.
gotta do
what you wanna do!
Oh you did it.
{multiple voices sing in unison, and vocals echo more} Yeah you finished
It's true,
there's no limit
or decisions ahead of you.
Now there's nothing left to do.
Nothing to say and nothing new and
{spoken quickly in an increasingly distorted voice}maybe now you'll get acquainted
with the nothing that's around you
{back to normal singing} You'll,
be with me,
for all eternity!
Oh you did it.
Yes you did it,
You did!
are committed
'cause you did it
didn't you?
{music and vocals fade out}

Album Version Changes[edit]

  • A singer yells "hey!" after the lines "You've gotta do what you've gotta do" and "You'll be with me for all eternity"
  • The music and vocals slow slightly at the line "you finished livin'"
  • The last few lines of the song slow to a crawl with the vocals dropping in pitch, which leads into the next segment

Behind the Scenes[edit]

  • The background music in this episode is "Ending" from Metal Gear OST

See Also[edit]

The Force Is A Brotherhood also uses music from the Metal Gear series Force Stories: Life of Brothers from Trials Part One also uses music from Metal Gear

External Links[edit]

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