What A Beautiful Day (To Meet Your Son)

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Season Three: Trials
"What A Beautiful Day (To Meet Your Son)"
Season 3 Bonus Episode)
Run Time 1:43
Release Date January 5, 2017
Characters Real Thuddy Drums
Music "Wallop Shuffle" by Sam Spence
Album None
Category Song
Previous Episode Next Episode
Bad Disgusting People didja hear that girl sandra died (something actually i didn't like about her)

"What A Beautiful Day (To Meet Your Son)" is a bonus episode from the third season of The Minute Hour. This episode was released on January 5, 2017, and the run time is 1:43. This episode is an unused song from Trials Part Two, originally intended to introduce Real Thuddy Drums' storyline before being replaced with "Whatever It Takes".


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Behind the Scenes[edit]

  • This episode was released as a Patreon exclusive
  • The music used in this episode is "Wallop Shuffle" by Sam Spence


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