Tommy, Johnny, & Jimmy

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Season Four: Relay
"Tommy, Johnny, & Jimmy"
Season 4 Episode 10 (61st Episode)
Run Time 3:04
Release Date May 23, 2017
Characters Announcer, Tommy, Johnny, Jimmy
Music 52 Girls by The B-52s, Vegetable (Fade) by The Beach Boys
Album Relay Part Two
Category Musical
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EXECUTIVE SCIENCE Anything is Possible

"Tommy, Johnny, & Jimmy" is the tenth episode of Relay. It was released on May 23, 2017 and has a run time of 3:04.


This section currently only contains the song lyrics.

We Kiss For Fun[edit]

You've seen us on the street -
Brother! Brother!
We've been defending you and me!
Model physique!
But we're completely asexual.
We got the brains!
and the veins!
to save the day!
we'll save the day!
we don't!
have sex!
with anyone!
but we kiss for fun!

Hail Holy Bomba[edit]

Oh that bomba
that's what we're waitin for
drop it
like a hot potato
let it rain down that bomba goodness
and don't try to tell us we shouldn't
drop that bomba
that's what we're waitin for
drop that bomba
release our frustration
because no one will tell us we shouldn't
so drop the
drop the holy bomba!
drop the holy bomba!
hail the holy bomba!
hail the holy bomba!
that's all I want
for them to die
for them to feel it
and to cry
and maybe then
they'll wonder why
we never could
see eye to eye

Behind the Scenes[edit]

  • The music used for "We Kiss For Fun" is 52 Girls by The B-52s
  • The music used for "Hail Holy Bomba" is Vegetable (Fade) by The Beach Boys


  • This episode features Tommy, Johnny, and Jimmy, a trio from the Brotherhood of the Force who were previously featured in Trials Part One and Relay Part One.

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