The Minute Hour changed my life

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Season Three: Trials
"The Minute Hour changed my life"
Season 3 Bonus Episode
Run Time 0:57
Release Date January 1, 2017
Characters Speaker
Music None
Album None
Category Monologue
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Bad Disgusting People What A Beautiful Day (To Meet Your Son)

"The Minute Hour changed my life" is a bonus episode of The Minute Hour. The episode was originally released on January 1, 2017 and has a run time of 0:57. This episode is a reading of a fan's review of the show.


After I started listening to The Minute Hour I quit my job,
lost 30 pounds,
went on a trip across Southeast Asia,
divorced my wife,
quit doing drugs,
started watching the sunrise every morning,
ate only legumes for weeks,
grew a beard,
gave all my money to orphans,
started playing the triangle,
bought a gun,
discovered I could eat sand,
laughed at all the Brandenburg Concertos,
locked myself in my trailer,
wrote a novel,
learned to smell English,
grew breasts,
killed my children,
and swam unendingly into the sublime black phosphorescence that caresses my dreams every night.

Behind the Scenes[edit]

  • "The Minute Hour changed my life" was written by Reddit user FullMetalCowgirl and posted to the official subreddit on January 1, 2017. The text was then recorded and posted to The Minute Hour YouTube account later that day.
  • This episode is only available on YouTube and is unlisted, the only way to find it is by clicking on a direct link.

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