The Mighty Lighthouse: Volume 1 Issue 4

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Volume 1 Issue 4 of The Mighty Lighthouse was published in October 2017.


Spooktober Paranormal Clearance Event advertisement[edit]

This month's ad is for a haunted electronics sale

Vote Bimstar![edit]

The Table of Contents art is a campaign poster for BimStar


Editorials for this month are "There Are No Good Drones", "Hot Tips For The New Dad", "Jonas Neubauer Is My Celebrity Crush", "My Dream Job", and "A Message To Carlos".

Reader Submitted Halloween Tips & Tricks[edit]

A list of Halloween advice

Art Exhibit[edit]

"Steamy Creamy" and "The Chairman Rests"

Swift Completion[edit]

Short Stories[edit]

"Swift Completion", "Hey, Is This Guy Botherin' You?", "The Regular", and "Paralyzed"

The Book Of Apologies[edit]

A Kickstarter campaign for a bound book of apologies written to a man's exes

Classified Ads[edit]


"This Makes Me Angry", "Roadkill Rabbit", "Free Martin", and "Papa's No Burn Spray".



  • The TML logo on the cover is rendered as "The Spooky Lighthouse", with a subtitle of "Halloween Edition"

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