Steamy Creamy Crazy

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Season Four: Relay
"Steamy Creamy Crazy"
Season 4 Episode 7 (58th Episode)
Run Time 1:06
Release Date March 14, 2017
Characters Announcer, Chorus
Music Tijuana Trip by Sam Spence
Album Relay Part One
Category Musical, Advertisement
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Steamy Creamy Crazy is the seventh episode of Relay and the last episode of the first part of Relay. It is a musical episode about the ice cream dish Steamy Creamy. The only characters in this episode are an unnamed announcer and a chorus of singers.


{music starts playing}
Do you have a Steamy Creamy craving?
Do you want to fill your belly with cream and steam?
Is the answer yes?
You might be friends with the steampunk cream boy.
He's Steamy Creamy crazy! {multiple voices echo the word "crazy"}
Better get him his Steamy Creamy {a second voice echoes "Better get him his Steamy Creamy"}
Quick now!
Now don't be scared!
{growing increasingly more frantic} But hurry up and do it quickly, he doesn't like to wait!
Hates waiting, hates waiting for it
{harmonizing with the singers} Hates waiting for it
Hates waiting, hates waiting
{speaking frantically} Hurry up now, make it quick and make it fast.
Hates waiting, hates waiting for it
{screaming} You'd better get into it
So make it right now!
two scoops in the bowl and then it's
in the microwave until it steams
and then two creamy scoops on top
and I'll be your best friend!
{music continues for a moment before abruptly cutting out}

Album Version Changes[edit]

  • Before the first line the announcer says "Uh oh, it's that time..."
  • The music cuts off immediately after the last line rather than continuing for a while.

Behind the Scenes[edit]


  • This episode references the ice cream dish Steamy Creamy


  • This episode was referenced in a fan artwork submitted to Reddit shortly after the episode's release.

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